Time-Stamping-Authority (TSA)

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The Time Stamping Authority (TSA) of the Swiss Government PKI is a certified service and can provide qualified confirmation of the time of signature when signing documents. In order to be able to use the TSA service correctly, it must be specified for use in the signature software used in each case.


  • Swiss Government PKI TSA 
  • The service URL for the SG-PKI TSA is: http://tsa.pki.admin.ch/tsa

TSA server support

The Swiss Government TSA does not provide support in connection with the use of the TSA service.

TSA in DesktopSigner

The DesktopSigner signature software (Fed. Adm. software layer 1) contains the Swiss Government PKI's TSA service as standard. You can find more information on DesktopSigner on our FOITT client platform in the user manual.