LRAO training: Class B - Description


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Registration details can be found here.

The training courses take place with at least 4 participants.


You will be trained as a Swiss Government PKI local registration authority officer (LRAO). You will become familiar with the processes and regulations for correctly issuing and managing class B end user certificates, and you will be able to assume responsibility for this role.


  • Future LRA Officer Class B
  • Individuals who will be working as local registration authority officer (LRAO).

Requirement profile

  • High personal integrity
  • Accurate work according to the regulations of the Swiss Government PKI
  • Reliability
  • Pleasure in dealing with customers
  • Willingness to perform an activity with due regard to traceability
  • Willingness to have a trustworthiness check carried out by their own authority, e.g., a personal security check in accordance with Article 10 of the Ordinance on Personal Security Checks or similar.
  • An LRAO must not be authorised to enter or modify AdminDir entries

Prerequisite for participation in the training

  • Self-study of the learning videos, Swiss Government PKI Registration Guidelines Class B and the process description "Certificate issuanceā€
  • Complete the eLearning quiz at least 3 working days before the training date.Prerequisites. You will receive the link with your registration confirmation.

Course oft the training

  • The Swiss Government PKI
  • Standards and specifications
  • The role, responsibility and liability of the LRA officer
  • The Class B registration guidelines (rights and duties of the LRA officer)
  • Certificates and public key procedures
  • Processes
  • Keeping an LRA journal
  • Forms and checklists
  • SmartCard handling
  • PKI Homepage
  • PKI Events
  • Market performance reporting (MLR)