LRAO training: Class A - Description


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Registration details can be found here.

The training courses take place with at least 4 participants.


Class B LRA officers can train to become class A LRA officers if they can demonstrate that they have completed class B LRA training and have performed the function of class B LRA officer for at least 6 months.

As the offices and organisations assume a liability when they issue a legally valid certificate, the issuance practice is extremely important for error-free certificate issuance. For this reason, the training course focuses on the rights and obligations of LRA officers, and the liability of the offices/organisations.


Class A LRA officers: issuing qualified signature certificates.


  • Training for class B LRA officers to become class A LRA officers
  • Class B LRA officers (min. 6 months' experience with certificate issuance)


  • Class B LRA officer status, with completed basic course and at least 6 months' experience of issuing certificates
  • The appendix to the SLA should already have been signed

Course content

  • Identifying and verifying identification documents
  • Registration rules
  • Legal basis
  • CP/CPS
  • Forms, checklists, journals and client dossiers
  • Signature application
  • Practical part – exercise