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Tip of the month - December 2023

Support (Gross)

Class B: Application LRA-Officer

  •  is now available as a dynamic PDF.
  • You no longer need an additional signature to renew LRAO authorisations.
  • The application must be saved locally and opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Problem: KeyRecovery does not work

  • The KeyRecovery request must always be made with the SmartCard to which the old keys are to be restored.
  • It is recommended that all users encrypt their mails using RETAppl.
  • In general, mail encryption is only a transport encryption, not intended or suitable for long-term archiving.

Which clients may the BIT supply?

LRAO-Bereich (Gross)

Which clients may the BIT supply?

The BIT's PKI makes such keys available to Swiss authorities and organisations close to the federal government. In addition to the federal administration, these include the cantons, municipalities, police authorities and courts.

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New PKI homepage > Feedback

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