SBER (Swiss Business and Enterprise Register)


Cooperation Between FSO and FOITT

Who carries out an economic activity in Switzerland? In which sectors are these businesses operating and where are they domiciled?

These questions are crucial for various federal offices, cantons and other authorities to be able to do their work. The Swiss Business and Enterprise Register (SBER) ensures that such information is centralised and easily accessible to the parties concerned.

Intuitive User Interface

The specialist application was developed over a period of three years in collaboration with the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). It was decided to adopt an agile approach using Scrum methodology in order to promote close cooperation and implement the project as efficiently as possible.

One of the main objectives was to develop an intuitive user interface to make SBER use easier. The developers used the .NET platform to achieve this project objective, using the WPF graphics framework, among others.

DevOps Team for Further Developments

SBER was successfully put into operation in December 2018. However, the FOITT's work did not end there, as the application is continuously being maintained and further developed. Based on the positive experience with agile working methods, a specially assembled DevOps team, consisting of FSO and FOITT employees, works on this task.

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