FOPH Cancer Registry

BAG Krebsregister

Uniform Registration of All Cancer Cases

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Switzerland and more than a fifth of the population falls ill with the disease before the age of 70. The FOPH national cancer registry enables complete and uniform registration of all cancer cases throughout the country, thereby creating the basis for better cancer patient care.

As the Federal Administration's ICT service provider, the FOITT was commissioned to develop the registry, using various open source technologies to do so. In order to be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing conditions, those responsible for the project opted for agile implementation in accordance with the Scrum framework.

Operated on the FOITT's Cloud Service Infrastructure

The FOPH cancer registry is operated on the FOITT's own cloud service infrastructure and is therefore easily scalable and future-proof. The overall solution is based on .NET core-based applications, which run as containers on the open source cloud application platform Cloud Foundry. Connected services on a Kubernetes cluster use various technologies such as PostgreSQL for databases or MinIO for object storage.

Open Source Technology by the Federal Administration

The Angular-based Oblique framework, which was published by the Federal Administration as open source technology on Github, is used for the web frontend.

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