Partner in the Swiss AI Initiative

Free Training to Prepare for the Future

AI doesn't just play an ever-more important role in the world of IT; non-experts are also increasingly coming up against new technologies in the course of digitalisation. But it is not always easy to become familiar with a subject and understand what it involves.

Yet, as AI becomes a part of everyday life, "AI literacy" is increasingly needed – in both private and professional life. The FOITT is therefore supporting the Swiss AI Initiative, which was set up in 2021 by the Global AI Hub. Over the next three years, the non-profit initiative wants to provide free training on subjects such as AI, digitalisation and robotics to 70,000 people, thereby preparing them for the future.

Courses and Integrated Job Platform for Creating an AI Community

In addition, those interested should have access to a wide range of courses created and constantly updated by experts from leading global companies like Amazon, Google and Samsung. An integrated news and jobs platform will also promote interaction between those interested in AI, specialists and companies.

By supporting the initiative, we want to act as a public sector digitalisation driver for digital and progressive Switzerland, and encourage all interested parties to get training, become networked and, if possible, find the next job opportunity on the Global AI Hub platform.