The FOITT as the Driving Force Behind the Digital Transformation of the Federal Administration

With around 1,200 employees, the FOITT supports the Federal Administration in all IT sectors, from the first client contact to the finished IT product. The wide range of client projects, state-of-the-art technologies and the use of agile working methods and procedures are part of our everyday work.

Diversity in Projects and Technologies

COVID Certificate

Creating the COVID Certificate in only seven weeks: Read about how the FOITT used its previous developments and experience to to provide Switzerland with a certificate solution in record time.


Software development behind closed doors? Quite the opposite: find out how our IT specialists from the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) digitalised the Swiss beer tax – in direct collaboration with the breweries.


The FOITT has many years' experience in agile project management. Find out here how our colleagues from the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) were able to benefit from our expertise.
SwissCovid System

SwissCovid System

Switzerland was the first country in the world to set up a contact tracing solution based on the Apple-Google API. Read about how, together with partners from the Federal Administration and private industry, the FOITT developed the SwissCovid system – and all while working from home!

SBER (Swiss Business and Enterprise Register)

Learn here how we work together with the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) to ensure the maintenance and further development of the Swiss Business and Enterprise Register (SBER) using agile methods.

Partner in the Swiss AI Initiative

The FOITT is a partner in the Swiss AI Initiative. Find out more about this non-profit project.