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Modern Software Development in the Federal Administration

It is hard to imagine today's world without cross-border freight traffic. However, what simplifies many things also poses challenges for numerous countries, including Switzerland. Thousands of lorries pass through this Alpine country every day, and it is currently necessary to stop at the border in order to pay the tolls due. This is not only laborious, but also takes up valuable time. This is set to change with the EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) project. Together with the Federal Customs Administration (FCA), we at the FOITT are working on establishing an IT system that will allow these charges to be collected automatically.

In our Tech Talk at HackZurich, you can find out how we are using microservices and event-driven architecture to implement this project. In particular, we will talk about the challenges facing us and the technologies and patterns we use to solve them. We'll be delighted if you take a look!

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Florian B├╝rgi

Florian Bürgi

My name is Florian B├╝rgi and I work as a software development engineer in test (SDET) for the Saluver team on the DaziT project.

There are lots of exciting things about working at the FOITT. What I particularly like is that I can work on projects that influence the everyday life of Swiss citizens and make it easier.

I am very pleased to be able to hold the Tech Talk at HackZurich, as I find the atmosphere at such events is great. In addition, I think that this talk is an opportunity to present the FOITT to a technical audience and show it from a different angle.

Oliver Santschi

Oliver Santschi

My name is Oliver Santschi and I work as a software architect in the field of Java development.

What I particularly appreciate at the FOITT is the versatility of the projects and the opportunity to work with the latest technologies. Software development is very fast-paced and you always have to be prepared to learn new things. The FOITT helps us by creating and providing the necessary framework conditions for us.

I decided to hold the Tech Talk at HackZurich because I would like to use the platform to explain to talented young people, based on a client project, how we in the Federal Administration build modern software systems.

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