News and releases

New features

29.11.2023 Link to "Declaration on accessibility" adapted
29.11.2023 Possibility to re-validate document types using radio buttons if they were not recognised automatically.
29.11.2023 Equivalence Level 1 validation according to detailed check (UPReg)
29.11.2023 New document type "RegulatedSignature"

Adaptation of the structure of the WebValidator information page and addition of information (e.g. new: current information on releases).


Fine-tuning of the validation reports

Fixed bugs

29.11.2023 Spelling error corrections in the context of EDEC reports
29.11.2023 Update document type "Mixed"

Bugfix regarding PDF formats that were not output correctly in special cases. (Background: Documents which do not have an attachment were previously output in PDF/A-2b format. For documents with an attachment, the attachment was saved in a container so that the original document was not changed. Due to the container, the format PDF/A-3b (new: PDF/A-2b) was incorrectly output in this case).


Bugfix of minor errors for specific validations