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Are you a student or recent graduate looking for an opportunity to put your knowledge into practice? We offer a wide range of job profiles designed to help you enter the world of work.

Diverse tasks in a promising industry – as the largest IT provider of the Federal Administration, the FOITT offers you a variety of exciting challenges in which you can apply the knowledge you gained from your studies in a beneficial way. During your 6 to 12-month internship, you will be regarded as a fully fledged team member from the very beginning and can gain valuable experience for your future career. At the same time, you will cultivate contacts in numerous areas of the FOITT and thereby expand your network.


The FOITT supports you on your way – even beyond your internship: Over the years, IT specialists, business IT specialists, economists, political scientists, psychologists, lawyers and sociologists, among others, have taken on exciting and challenging tasks in a permanent position with us.


We offer attractive internships of between 6 and 12 months with fair salaries:

  • During a Bachelor's degree
    Duration: max. 6 months
    Salary (1/12): CHF 2,668/month

  • With a Bachelor's degree
    Duration: max. 12 months
    Salary (1/12): CHF 3,735/month

  • With a Master's degree or doctorate
    Duration: max. 12 months
    Salary (1/12): CHF 4,180/month

Internships must start no later than one year after graduation.

Interested? Seize your chance and apply for one of the university internships that we have open!

Interested? Seize your chance and apply for one of the university internships that we have open!

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Project and technology diversity at the FOITT

We use the latest and most diverse technologies to develop groundbreaking solutions for digital Switzerland.

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Advantages for employees

Advantages for employees

Our employees are our most important resource. As part of the Federal Administration, we offer attractive employment conditions and a wide range of benefits.

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