The CH-LOGIN (eGov Login Private) is a login procedure provided by the standard eIAM service of the Federal Administration. The CH-LOGIN account can be used for the various applications of the Federal Administration. This enables the offices to make several login procedures available to internal and/or external users for their specialist applications.

Questions and answers

What does CH-LOGIN cost?
CH-LOGIN is free of charge.

Which email address should I use for CH-LOGIN?
Enter your main email address, i.e. the one you wish to use over the long term. Do NOT save any disposable email addresses.

Can I have more than one CH-LOGIN?
We recommend one CH-LOGIN per individual. This is the only way you can benefit from the convenience of single sign-on across multiple applications. Technically, one CH-LOGIN can be set up per email address.

Should I activate the second login factor (mTAN transmission via SMS) in CH-LOGIN?
We recommend registering a mobile phone number in CH-LOGIN so that the second login factor can be sent via SMS. Firstly, this increases security for you and, secondly, there are applications for which the second login factor is mandatory.

What are the security questions in CH-LOGIN for?
If you change mobile phone number, you can register your new number in CH-LOGIN by correctly answering the security questions.

What are good answers to the security questions?
Choose answers you will remember in a few years' time and which others cannot guess.